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Z10 Safety takes a unique approach to self-test

Experts in emergency lighting, Z10 made the decision at the design stage to incorporate self-test as standard in its fittings. These can be operated as normal manual luminaires or by using a convenient remote control where the self-test mode can be activated.

In conjunction with Lithium ion battery technology, which means more energy savings and a faster recharge after testing, the company is growing rapidly to be one of the first choice for contractors.

Z10 Safety is committed to quality and has tested all its emergency lighting solutions according to BS EN 60598-2-22. By taking the lead on self-test, the company ensures that the emergency lights are operational at all times and therefore increases the safety of building occupants.

Z10 Safety’s electronic boards and single battery management systems were designed together to complement performance and to get better performance and reliability, which is one of the reasons Z10 Safety is comfortable to guarantee its system (including the batteries) for five years.

The old adage goes, ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’. Z10 Safety prefers ‘it’s better to be Z10 safety than sorry.”

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