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Systematic Safety

Interlinking smoke, heat and CO alarms can help ensure that occupiers are awoken and alerted wherever they are in the property, whatever the risk. Kidde’s well-established Smart Interconnect facility was developed to meet this very need.

Kidde’s Smart Interconnect enables all its Firex smoke and heat alarms, and also the company’s hard-wired mains CO alarms, to operate as a comprehensive domestic system. All the alarms sound when one is triggered with different, distinct alarm sounder patterns for carbon monoxide or fire, supported by different display messages on the digital CO model.

So, without the need for any other hardware, occupants can respond quickly, making the right choice from the very different alternative responses to either danger. This approach is acknowledged in both the new Code of Practice BS 5839-6: 2019 and the latest regulatory requirements for Scotland.

In particular, there is a strong case for including interconnected smoke alarms or sounder devices in bedrooms to ensure occupants’ awareness of fire at the earliest possible stage, reducing risk of injuries, deaths and property damage.

Here, Kidde’s mains-powered carbon monoxide alarms, interconnected with Firex smoke and heat alarms using ‘Smart Interconnect’, can act as bedroom sounders in the event of a fire – a straightforward low-cost alternative to landing-located smoke alarms.

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