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Stirling Council makes Scolmore its one-stop-solution

As councils and housing associations across the country continue to review and improve their fire safety provisions in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, there has been a growing need to install wired smoke detectors in residential buildings. With this requirement adding to the financial burden of already overstretched local councils, one council has found a solution that is not only proving cost-effective, but is also saving on the time and labour required to install the necessary products.

Stirling Council has been working with Scolmore Group to source products that offer a cost-effective and efficient solution to meeting its safety requirements, and the council is now in the process of installing a range of products from across Scolmore’s portfolio in all 7,000 of the social housing properties under the council’s remit. These include the Click Smart Switch Supply to Permanent Conversion Pack, the Inceptor EVO Bulkhead with emergency and microwave sensor, as well as the Mode range of switches and sockets.

The rolling programme to upgrade the properties will see two of the Click Smart conversion packs installed in each property. This will allow speedy and damage-free installation of smoke detectors to the new LD2 standard within dwellings. The packs provide a retrofit smart solution to allow independent control of the lighting circuit, whilst still supplying a smoke detector with constant power. It eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly channelling and potential lifting of floorboards for access and then the necessary effort to restore everything back to normal.

As well as adding a smoke detector, the conversion pack can be used to provide a solution where emergency lighting is required. It facilitates the ability for a permanent live supply to power an emergency light whilst retaining control of an existing light fitting, and a key switch can also be incorporated to allow for emergency light periodic testing.

As part of the upgrade, the emergency and microwave sensor versions of Scolmore’s Inceptor EVO bulkhead are being fitted throughout the properties. This has allowed the council to opt for one fitting to solve a number of installation requirements. EVO offers a 3-hour emergency function in the event of a power failure, and features a microwave sensor with 8 seconds to 20 minutes time adjustment. Their IP65 rating, robust housing and anti-tamper screws were also key features when the council’s electrical team leader was selecting these products.

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