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September issue of EW out now!

Smart solutions

Welcome to the September issue of EW.

A recent study shared by amBX, looking at tech trends within the smart buildings industry noted a significant uplift in the importance of occupant wellbeing in the time since the pandemic.

Formerly, occupant wellbeing was viewed as ideal but not completely necessary, with government policies and potential cost savings being seen as the primary driver of smart buildings. Post-COVID, however, air quality, occupant temperature, people counting, occupant control/analytics and contactless operations are all in demand, to ensure that employees feel both safe and comfortable.

It will be interesting to see how this will continue to affect demand for smart building tech in the coming months.

On a similar note, on page 38 we have a feature from Yale’s Nick Harrison, looking at the potential difficulties of ensuring consumer confidence in smart security solutions.

Elsewhere in the issue, we take a look back at 100 years of Sangamo. Founded in 1921 under the name British Sangamo, it was acquired by the Scolmore Group in 2018. Turn to page 36 for more.

Our cover story for this month, meanwhile, offers a sneak peek into the new 2022 Knightsbridge catalogue (page 10).

Plus, as always, the usual news, views, products and installations from market-leading businesses across the sector, including an update from Time LED’s David Linger (19) and a look at ProofVision’s waterproof electronics (28).

Happy reading.

Bryony Andrews , editor.

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