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Scolmore launches Switch Supply to Permanent Conversion Pack

Following the Grenfell tragedy, the need for stringent fire safety measures continues to be a focus, leading to a growing requirement to install
wired smoke detectors in residential buildings.

This can give rise to problems, as lighting circuits with a switched live will not always have a permanent feed at the light fitting, which creates a
problem when it comes to adding another device such as a smoke detector.

Scolmore’s answer to this problem is the new Switch Supply to Permanent Conversion Pack. This retrofit smart solution allows independent control
of the lighting circuit, whilst still supplying a smoke detector with constant power.

The Switch Supply to Permanent Conversion Pack comes in a handy boxed unit with 1 x RFSAI-61B Switching Receiver, 1 x RFIM – 40B Battery
Transmitter, 1 x CMA401 Unfurnished MiniGrid Plate, and 1 x MD004W 10x Retractive Module.

This solution eliminates the need for costly channelling and lifting of floorboards. As well as adding a smoke detector, the conversion pack can be used to provide a solution where emergency lighting is required.

Incorporating RFSAI-61B will facilitate the ability for a permanent live supply to power an emergency light whilst retaining control of an existing light fitting.

A key switch can also be incorporated to allow for emergency light periodic testing.

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