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Scolmore adds Type C USB socket outlets

Scolmore has expanded its wiring accessories range to include 13A 2-gang socket outlets with integrated Type A and Type C USB charging ports, to give the range broader functionality and cover charging options for the widest possible range of devices that now use different sized ports.

Used independently, the Type C USB has a charging output of 5V DC, 3A, while the Type A USB has a charging output of 5V DC, 2.4A (independent charge). When both USB ports are in use, the 4.2A charge is shared, with Type C given priority to output its full 3A, with Type A reduced to an output of 1.2A.

The charging ports have a new location – moved from above each independent socket outlet to a central position above one another, allowing the rocker switches to be moved to an ‘outboard position.’

Type C USB is the connector of the future. Already available on a number of devices, it is likely to eventually replace USB Types A, B and Micro USB on all new products and systems. Smaller and thinner than its predecessors, Type C USB is reversible and can be plugged in either way with no risk of damage.

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