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PowerBreaker – still the forefront of RCD Technology

Further amendments to the safety standards BS7288-2016 are due at the end of November 2019, and GreenBrook is the first to ensure its PowerBreaker RCD products adhere to the latest regulations.

To explain in simple terms; the new standard requires Type A RCDs and Type AC RCDs. Type A RCDs can detect pulsating DC currents and surge faults that Type AC RCDs may not detect.

Pulsating DC currents are created from faults in modern electronic equipment. This new standard requires much more rigorous testing of the RCDs with high voltage and short circuit tests. Products that adhere to this standard have a more sensitive/stable trip window so are a much safer defence against electrocution.

GreenBrook is part of the BEAMA Technical Committee who helped to write the revised standard.

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