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Philips Lighting reaches milestone 1,000th connected LED street lighting installation in Cardiff

Philips Lighting has delivered its 1,000th project using its Philips CityTouch street light management system.

The milestone project, involving installing more than 14,000 Philips connected LED street lights in the City of Cardiff, supports safety and security in the Welsh capital and will help reduce the city’s carbon footprint through massive energy savings and increase operational efficiencies.

The network of street lights, monitored and controlled remotely by Philips CityTouch, provides Cardiff with a scalable digital infrastructure that may be upgraded to provide additional smart city services.

The Cardiff project marks the 1,000th implementation of Philips CityTouch, just five years after its launch in 2012. The management system is now in use in 37 countries with Cardiff joining cities such as Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Jakarta, Los Angeles and Toronto.

Cardiff has approximately 360,000 residents and 20 million visitors a year. To determine the impact of lighting on the lives of its citizens, Philips Lighting and Cardiff City Council, along with consultancy firm Jacobs Ltd, researched public views on the city’s current street lighting to assess potential options.

The findings were instrumental to Cardiff selecting luminaires giving 3,000 Kelvin warm white light. The research also involved consultation with people with visual and hearing impairment. Philips CityTouch, gives the Council the ability to remotely adjust the level of light for partially-sighted citizens who may want brighter lighting outside their home.

Cardiff joins successful installations in the UK including in Warrington, Trafford, Isle of Wight, Hounslow, Croydon and Lewisham.