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New patented magnetic LED rail track system from Save Light

image1The Magneto patented magnetic LED rail track system from Save Light is put together by magnetically attaching light bars (short pitch 24v strip, housed in opal lens covered profile with magnetic feet), and a snap on power supply connector to track, which can be cut to length.

This plug and play system makes a great alternative to link lights or LED strip, without the hassle of cutting, wiring or soldering. Magneto allows you to create an unlimited amount of symmetrical shapes. Apart from being used under cabinets, around mirrors, doors, picture frames, etc, it has endless potential as a decorative light source, and can even be used for sign writing.

The light bars are available in five lengths – from 100m to 1000m – in colour temperatures 3000k and 4000k.

The track is also available in five lengths from 240mm to 1840mm, but is easy to cut to length.

There is also a range of accessories, such as lit corners and cross pieces, snap on power connectors, coupler connectors, track cover, end caps, and many new additions in development.

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