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New EVSE kits cuts the cost of coming back

“We are releasing a new EVSE testing kit that will save you lots of cash and help get your business back on the road,” said Brendan Beaver from Metrel, the EVSE experts. “Post COVID19 there has been lots of chatter that the electric car’s time has come.”

The kit, called the EV contractors kit, includes the class-leading multifunction tester, MI3152, which will test EVSE installations and all other work, single- and three-phase. Using the super touch-screen technology and on-board results storage, the well accepted EVSE adapter A1532, which facilitates testing of all makes of charging equipment both single- and three-phase and the powerful MESM Pro software, which will enable you to produces EVSE certificates as well as all the 18th Edition you require.

Released in late August, this unique kit will list price at only £1597 – a saving of almost £1000 on buying the individual components.

For more information contact Brendan Beaver on 01924 245000 or

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