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LYVIA Electrical Ltd – at the top of its game


LYVIA will always be at the top of its game supplying the electrical trade and beyond. Whether it is a plug top fuse or an LED GU10 lamp, LYVIA should always be the one you choose first…

The name LYVIA has been synonymous with the Electrical Trade for over 70 years. The LYVIA trademark was introduced by Samuel Sullam, the then owner of S D Sullam Ltd. The LYVIA brand began to make its name as an importer and distributor of quality electrical accessories to the wholesale trade very quickly.

LYVIA has continued to stay strong throughout the last 70 years, with the guidance of Samuel’s son Daniel, and then his son Richard, the current Managing Director.

LYVIA has come a long way from it’s birth in a small building in East London in 1939, to where it stands today on its 33,000sq ft building in Harlow. The move to Harlow has proved to be a huge success transforming the operations and logistics of the business.

The business has remained a friendly family run business with excellent, helpful, well trained and informative staff.

Quality products have always been the central focus for LYVIA, which is why all products are manufactured to the highest UK and EU standards, with many of them ASTA or BSI approved.

LYVIA have recently introduced their exclusive ‘Venetian’ Range of ASTA Approved wiring accessories. These have attractive curved edges with matching metal rocker switches. The ‘Venetian’ Range has a brushed stainless steel finish which matches most decors. They were designed to eliminate the problems electricians were having installing flat plate style accessories. Whilst attractive, they could be problematical if walls were not flat, and reduced the space for the wiring.

Vernon’s Fuses – exclusive

LYVIA is also the exclusive UK distributor of ‘Vernon’s Fuses’, which include BS1362, BS646, BS1361, and IEC60269/3 Mains Fuses, with ASTA, BSI Kitemark, NEMKO, SEMKO, etc. approvals where appropriate.

Different types of packaging are one of the mainstays of the company, all carried out in-house, and available OEM if volumes permit.

With the ever-changing rules and regulations, LYVIA pride themselves at being at the forefront of all these changes. With this, LYVIA has introduced its LYVECO brand lamps, bringing their lighting range fully up to date. The LYVECO brand is reliable, high quality, competitive, and technologically advanced with the Xenon, CFL and LED models.

As energy bills rise and the need to reduce our energy usage, LED lamps are the future of lighting, not only in industry and business but in households as well.

LED technology has come a long way within a short time. In the beginning, an LED lamp was dim and of varying quality, not to mention very expensive,  now with the need to cut energy consumption, mass production of LED lamps and the always moving forward technology has made the LED the perfect replacement for old style energy hungry lamps.

Why LED? LED uses less energy than any other type of lamp. LED is better than halogen and CFL with outstanding reliability and is longer lasting. The benefits of this mean lower energy consumption which results in lower energy bills and also the cost of replacing lamps.

Energy efficient lamps

LYVIA Electricals’ LYVECO brand (pronounced “LIVE-ECO”) of energy efficient lamps has been an early starter in the manufacture of LED lamps

From the beginning of a 1.2W LED GU10, LYVECO can now boast a wide range of LED lamps from Candles to GLS to MR16 and GU10 all with excellent lumens and brightness  plus made to the highest quality standards, LYVECO products will never forfeit quality over price.

All LYVECO LED lamps meet the latest energy efficiency requirements and are tested to comply with European standards.

Now, LYVECO has extended its LED lamp range with new GU10 LED Lamps made with the very latest SMD and COB technology with an energy rating of A+. Coming in 6200k and 3500K colours, we have also introduced our first fully dimmable GU10 LED.

The new LED GU10 lamps come packaged in an all colour glossy box which will make them a stand out product in any retail outlet’s lamp selection.

LYVECO will continue to advance with its range of LED lamps offering the latest technology high quality construction, reliability and outstanding performance.

Our latest 7W GU10 has a 500 plus lumen output from a package only 50mm x 55mm. Manufactured in a white high heat conductive plastic it can easily replace a standard halogen GU10.

Not only has LYVIA advanced with its products, but with a new state of the art computer system this enables orders to be processed and despatched promptly.


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