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Luceco supplies wireless lighting controls to “birthplace of the NHS”

Trafford General Hospital in Greater Manchester, managed by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, is known as “The Birthplace of the NHS”. Luceco Wireless Lighting Controls have been specified by SI Sealy in association with the Estates and Facilities Energy Division of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

Luceco Wireless Lighting Controls were seen as a flexible approach to introducing control into buildings that could be tailored to suit individual preferences whilst being remotely monitored. Luceco Wireless Lighting Controls also gave the energy team a very clear picture of where lighting was being used efficiently by utilising dashboards to scrutinise the graphic information and adjust settings remotely to improve energy efficiency.

As a result of the cost calculations of the lighting refurbishment programme for TGH Ward 15/16 Elderly Care being within the budget constraints, approximately 150 Luceco Wireless Lighting Controlled luminaires were installed including the LuxFrame, Epsilon, LuxPanel, Contour, Platinum and Element downlighters.

Richard Horton, business development manager from Luceco, said: “We have been advised when analysed, the reduction in energy consumed from standard fixtures to LED luminaires in TGH Ward 15/16 Elderly Care reduced consumption from 33KW/Hr to 14.85KW/Hr.” This has been further reduced by Luceco Wireless Lighting Controls to operate at 55% of output to 8.2KW, resulting in a huge and very welcomed energy saving.

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