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Luceco Lighting Controls at East Midlands Ambulance Service

Luceco has recently lit facilities at Horizon Place for East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EMAS).

Phase 1 of the project included the relighting of the Incoming Call Centre, a very busy environment operating 24 /7 and a pivotal element of the services provided by EMAS. The open plan space required eight zones which could be separately controlled providing various levels of illumination to assist with the activities of the call centre and to help promote wellbeing in a setting dealing with emergency situations.

Recessed LuxPanel Extra luminaires were used throughout the installation controlled by Luceco’s wireless lighting control system, Platform, an innovative controls solution making the planning, configuration, and commissioning of wireless lighting controls accessible to many applications. Platform sensors were used to provide occupancy and daylight dimming facilities with Platform switches pre-set with scenes for different lux levels depending on the time of day and staff shift arrangements.

Simple operation of the system provides various lighting control options including, dimming, scene setting, presence and daylight control, all helping to reduce energy consumption and operating costs, whilst creating a comfortable lit environment. Consultancy services were provided by Pick Everard, based in Nottingham, and the electrical installation was carried out by Brook & Mayo Ltd.

Luceco project manager Leigh Davey said: “With many organisations looking to become more environmentally friendly and reduce their energy and operating costs, lighting controls can help save around 60-70% on energy consumption and ensure spaces are lit appropriately to provide safety, security and comfort using scene setting, presence detection and daylight dimming controls. Platform offers high value return-of-investment on new or existing lighting installations as well as extending the life of the luminaires due to reduced operating hours.” In its last inspection, EMAS was rated good and outstanding throughout. Now the facilities at Horizon Place enjoy the energy saving efficiencies of LED lighting, a more pleasing lit environment, and a substantial return on their investment through use of modern lighting technology coupled with cost effective lighting controls. 07890 3201


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