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Lighting your work and home

The well known and respected German manufacturer ANSMANN have released a NEW complete range of floodlights.

The floodlight range features 4 series each offering unique features so you can choose the perfect one for your needs:

●Luminary Base

●Luminary Home

●Luminary Sense

●Luminary Flex

The Luminary Base model comes as either 10W, 20W or 30W output giving an impressive 5000K (daylight) lighting for a comfortable working environment. This perfect light means better paint matching, pattern matching or even photographic work.

The Luminary Home models offer static floodlighting from the 10W, 20W and 30W versions. Each give 5000K (daylight) output at 800lm, 1600lm, and 2400lm respectively. They all come with a short mains lead (230VAC).

The Luminary Sense offers the same features as the “Home“ , but with the addition of the PIR sensor. This turns the light on when movement is detected up to 12m away.

The Luminary Flex is the perfect solution when power is not available. Each one comes with a Li-Ion rechargeable battery which is charged from the included UK and EU adapted power supply.

For more information or pricing please contact ANSMANN UK on: tel: 0870 609 2233 or email:

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