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Kidde Safety Europe makes the Grade

A straightforward, low-cost early warning, installation of interconnected mains smoke and heat alarms is an essential first step in making all housing safer. The Kidde Firex smoke and heat alarm range includes product options to meet either Grade D1 or D2 requirements of the new BS 5839-6: 2019 Code of Practice.

However, Firex alarms can also interconnect with Kidde’s 4MCO and 4MDCO mains-powered carbon monoxide alarms, using the unique ‘Smart Interconnect’ feature. Here, all the alarms sound when one is triggered with different, distinct alarm sounder patterns for carbon monoxide or fire – an essential facility required by the Code. This is supported by a visual display on the digital CO model.

So, without the need for any further hardware, Smart Interconnect automatically alerts occupants to the specific hazard that confronts them. The 2019 edition of the Code now recognises facilities such as Smart Interconnect, with linked mains CO alarms and smoke/heat alarm systems.

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