Kew Electrical goes behind the scenes at Gewiss’ Italian HQ


More than 25 directors and branch managers from electrical wholesaler Kew Electrical visited GEWISS’ International HQ in Bergamo, Italy.

Kew was invited to see the manufacturing facilities, research laboratories and logistics centres where it designs, builds and distributes its industrial electrical and lighting solutions for the international market, including the UK.

Visitors heard about GEWISS’ origins as an innovator in plastics technology, that led to the company’s focus on developing low voltage electrical solutions such as industrial plugs and sockets, and enclosures. They were also able to test new products such as GEWISS’ industrial LED lighting, and provide feedback.

The group also took in some sightseeing around Bergamo, and enjoyed a trip to Lake Garda.

Kew’s MD, Geoff Kerly, said: “We were impressed with the investment in the company’s research and development, and the company’s busy, efficient logistics hub. There are some great, new high-quality products coming down the line.”

Gino Stocchetti, GEWISS UK’s new General Manager, said: “It was great to have a group of guests who really appreciated what GEWISS produces and how it is run. It was also useful to spend valuable time getting to know Kew better and finding out what is important to them.”