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Home USB charging just got faster thanks to Knightsbridge

Domestic USB charging points continue to grow in popularity with homeowners. Knightsbridge’s 230V 13A two-gang switched sockets uniquely support FASTCHARGE* in two USB ports.

The sockets can have either a Type-A USB port, for the most encountered chargers, and a Type-C, which is fast becoming the device charging standard; or two Type-A ports. In either combination, both ports are FASTCHARGE enabled. This means that a device compatible with QC2.0/ QC3.0 (Quick Charge) or PD FASTCHARGE can achieve up to a 50% charge in 30 minutes or less.

Both outlets are capable of delivering between 5V DC and 12V DC at a maximum of 3A. Standard charging mode provides up to 10W for both USB types. The total output is a maximum of 4A when both outlets are in use. The Knightsbridge sockets are unique in the market in being able to shift voltages up to 9 or 12V in either port to achieve 18W.

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*Apple devices do not support PD FASTCHARGE, but the use of certified cables will achieve
an optimum charge rate of up to 5V 3A.

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