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ESP overcomes security issues for remote woodland dwelling

With its remote location, this stunning rural property in Dartmouth certainly provides a tranquil retreat. The downside of its secluded setting, however, is the challenges it posed for the electrical contractor Martyn Walley, managing director of Hide Ltd, when the property owners decided to update the security and door entry provision for the extensive premises.

Having had a CCTV system on a previous site, the owners wanted the benefits of having the property protected but did not want the cable infrastructure that CCTV requires installed throughout the property. They were looking for a more cost effective alternative that would provide similar or enhanced features.

Martyn Walley recommended ESP’s GuardCam Deco to provide the general security provision. Four of the systems have been installed to cover the garage, patio/decking area, driveway entrance and the entrance to the boat workshop. GuardCam Deco is a combined Wi-Fi security camera and LED floodlight system, which has been designed with ease of set up as a key feature, including the option for remote monitoring via smartphone or tablet. GuardCam Deco has the option to deliver motion activation notifications via the app whilst recording the activation.

With a built-in camera that offers full 1080p HD live viewing and recording, the GuardCam Deco detects an intruder with proven PIR technology at a distance of up to 10 metres from the unit. It floodlights the area, initiates a video recording and provides the user with an option to deliver a two-way audio message or activate the inbuilt alarm warning.

For the access control provision for visitors and deliveries to the property, Martyn recommended ESP’s Aperta Wired Wi-Fi Door Station with Record Facility as a cost effective solution that offers flexibility and provides full access control integration to the gate automation system from anywhere that a mobile/Wi-Fi signal permits. The Aperta Wi-Fi system has been integrated fully with the existing electric gate to enable remote control of the gated access system.

A Wi-Fi door station connects directly to a smartphone or tablet using the free ESP app, meaning property owners can easily see who is at the door or gate, engage in two-way communication and allow remote access if desired. 1080p live view, visitor recording, automatic motion detection, and clear two-way audio are available via the subscription-free ESP Smart app.

Martyn also recommended three Ovia 10W LED Pathfinder floodlights to provide ambient lighting to the bordering woodland on the Creek Valley. Products from Scolmore’s Click Aquip66 weatherproof range, meanwhile, were installed in three outside locations to bring power sources where needed.

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