Electric radiators and why choice matters

As the popularity of electric radiators continues to grow, Richard Brown, Managing Director of Electrorad, explains why it’s vital that wholesalers look to a company and brand that can offer contractors a wide range of radiators – not just aluminium or oil-filled – but a variety of ranges with different looks, heating mediums and control systems.

Electric radiators are fast becoming a first choice when looking for heating solutions. With no messy pipework, no yearly maintenance and flexible control, the reasons are clear.

Homeowners are now much more tech-savvy and adept at discovering radiators to suit their needs, so it’s imperative that manufacturers and wholesalers meet their demands by offering a wider range of radiators and more choice.

Deciding which brands and models to stock and recommend can be a minefield. By carrying a broad range of radiators from reputable suppliers, you will put yourself in a position of trust with your customers and provide both parties with more opportunities to upsell. But with a wealth of products and brands to choose from, where do you even begin?

As well as offering your customers a clearly defined and comprehensive range of models, you also need to provide a clear and competitive pricing strategy, all backed by consistent and reliable lead times, and after-care support. So, here’s what to consider when planning your new line-up…

Radiator types

There are several options now available in the electric radiator market, ranging from oil-filled to Fire Clay, from simple thermostat control to Wi-Fi controls with App. Whilst they all cost the same to run in a like-for-like situation, the similarities end there. Some are steel, oil filled radiators, designed to look exactly like gas central heating systems while others are aluminium with a ceramic core and mica coating. Some even boast Fire Clay panels with deep flutes that can be placed on the wall in such a way that the controls can be located at either side easily. But while the types of radiators may differ, the running costs won’t.

Radiators such as Digi-Line by Electrorad, are constructed from steel which is zinc-galvanised to prevent corrosion before being powder coated. These are designed to deliver the perfect combination of radiant and convection heat, vital for ensuring cosy, comfortable warmth.

Meanwhile, aluminium radiators provide rapid warmth and are lightweight, making them easy to transport and install. Vanguard by Electrorad features a mica-coated ceramic plate to help deliver improved heat retention and provides a totally leak-proof electric heating solution – a common fault with some aluminium radiators.

Size matters

By stocking radiators in a range of sizes, contractors can offer a solution for every room. Digi-Line, for example, offers 20 models and mimics traditional gas central heating radiators. These are a popular choice for replacing storage heaters and also with plumbers when looking to add heating to a conservatory or home extension, without having to run piping from the existing boiler-fed central heating system. By offering a selection of sizes, not only can contractors match the right model with the space available, they can ensure the correct heat output is delivered.


It’s important to stock a wide range of control options to suit both lifestyle and budget. From a simple dial that controls the room temperature, to a digital electronic thermostat with 24/7 programming, there are multiple options. Some radiators also feature built-in radio frequency receivers for whole-house control or connection via Wi-Fi.


The new Touch E3 smart control system by Electrorad with central control hub and App enables homeowners to manage their home heating from anywhere in the world. Should plans change, or if there are significant changes in the weather, the heating can be simply adjusted remotely. By being able to match their heating to their lifestyle, homeowners can enjoy reduced heating bills too. Other clever energy saving functions include smart double panel control and open window detection.


Many of the electric radiators on the UK market originate from Spanish or Italian manufacturers, so look like traditional European central heating systems. There are, however, British made electric radiators that look and work like regular UK central heating systems. The UK wet central heating market is completely dominated by steel radiators due to homeowner preference and that preference for electric radiators will generally be the same.


When contractors are working to a tight deadline, confidence in their products can make all the difference. Product selection has a massive impact on getting the job done quickly. By only sourcing electric radiators from a reputable supplier who will have conducted their own rigorous testing before and during manufacture, and whose products boasts exceptional standards of engineering and efficiency, can you guarantee confidence in your products.

Peace of mind

It pays to source products that have passed rigid quality assurance checks prior to despatch. Some such as Aeroflow by Electrorad, for example, come with a 30-year warranty. Covering all internal components, excluding thermostat, this warranty is the most comprehensive of its kind in the industry and offers a true fit-and-forget solution.

British manufacture

By sourcing quality products from reputable British suppliers and manufacturers, you can rest assured that spare parts or replacements will always be readily available, plus it will be easier to obtain the same radiators at a later date, should an extension to the system be needed. It’s rare to come across electric radiators that are purely manufactured in Britain, so why not fly the flag and support the British economy whilst sourcing products that are ahead of the game in both looks and capabilities?

When it comes to choosing your line-up of electric radiators, don’t cut corners – your customers deserve the best. Therefore, look out for suppliers who offer a wealth of choice and meet all of your criteria. Not only do you and your customer benefit from quality products with no hassles, the homeowner will enjoy home comfort, energy efficiency and complete peace of mind. Choice really does matter.