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Consort Claudgen’s new Heat brochure showcases new products and feature upgrades

Consort Claudgen, the UK manufacturer of electric heating products, has published its latest brochure which introduces a host of new products and feature upgrades. The 48-page brochure features two new run-back time controllers, advanced controllers which are now compatible with Consort’s RX and SL heaters, as well as heaters with a built-in safety monitoring which will help prevent overheating and identify types of failure.

Also featured are new heater models in the electronic 7day timer range; including two new ratings in the PLSTiE range, a 2kW fan heater modelled with a mesh grille and intelligent fan control, and heaters fitted with an RF receiver which allows connectivity to Consort’s multizone heating system. All of these are detailed in the brochure along with the established panel and fan heaters, convectors, LST heaters, air curtains, downflows and towel rails.

Download a copy from or request at 01646 692172

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