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Confidence with CO Alarms

We all need to be confident in the long-term reliability of CO alarms – particularly with the continuing presence of non-compliant, un-tested products, says Kidde Safety Europe.

An established manufacturer with a reputation for quality, supported by third party accreditation, is essential. All Kidde CO alarms, whether hard-wired or battery, are BSi Kitemarked. Kidde also manufactures its own sensors, allowing tighter quality controls to be applied, and use safer, environmentally friendly de-ionised water rather than acid-based electrolytes.

According to BS EN 50292:2013 and Building Regulations, CO alarms can be powered either by batteries designed to operate for the whole working life of the alarm or mains. Fitting a battery-only CO alarm may be the simplest solution and, of course, uninterrupted performance is key. Here, Kidde’s 10LLCO range offers a full 10-year guarantee covering both alarm and sealed-in lithium battery. And, importantly, Kidde’s CO sensors – the key component – are actually tested throughout a 10-year period or longer.

Extensive Features

Features include an extra ‘End-of-Life/Fault’ LED and an alarm sounder designed to protect occupants and installers’ hearing when testing, with an initial lower level of sound being generated. The alarms are small with a slim profile and can be quickly and easily installed or used free standing. They are simply activated by the slide-on back plate, so preserving battery freshness until needed, and a tamper resisting self-locking installation system avoids battery theft.

They also have a time-weighted alarm so that the higher the level of CO present, the sooner the alarm will be triggered, because carbon monoxide is a cumulative poison. One model – 10LLDCO – also has a digital display to provide early warning of intermittent and low levels of carbon monoxide. A ‘Peak Level’ button can also help identify CO problems occurring when the property is not occupied.

Mains alarms installed alongside hard-wired smoke and heat alarms offer extra safety features. Notably, Kidde’s 4MCO and 4MDCO alarms can interlink with each other – so that they all sound when one is triggered – but also with the company’s Firex range of smoke and heat alarms using the unique ‘Smart Interconnect’ feature.

With Smart Interconnect the alarms have different, distinct alarm sounder patterns for carbon monoxide and fire, plus different display messages on the 4MDCO model. So, occupants are automatically alerted to the specific hazard that confronts them without further investigation.

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