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CMD provides power solution for Birmingham office

CMD Ltd, a leading UK manufacturer of office power and connectivity solutions, has supplied almost 3km of Betatrak underfloor powertrack for the 240,000ft² 3 Arena Central development in Birmingham, along with under desk power modules, workstation power modules, floor boxes and grommets.

The grade A office building is a showpiece commercial development for the city, opening directly on to Birmingham’s new Bank Court – the centrepiece of the new public realm.

CMD’s 63A standard earth Betatrak underfloor powertrack system has been installed to deliver a plug and play power distribution network, providing both speed of installation for the electrical fit out and flexibility for the end user.

CMD provided 2.4m, 1.8m and 1.2 metre lengths of Betatrak, calculating the optimum mix of sizes to enable the electrical contractor to tailor the underfloor power distribution networks to the dimensions of each floorplate. The system enables tap-offs at 300mm intervals, allowing the office areas to be configured and reconfigured to meet the needs of the end user.

CMD has also supplied a varied range of floor boxes, slab boxes and grommets for the project, including the company’s fast fit 20 Series fourcompartment floor boxes. The power distribution solution from CMD has also included the supply of 2,411 Conti under desk power modules which were configured to meet the end-user’s requirements and custom manufactured for the project by CMD at the company’s Rotherham factory. The Aluminium extruded body Conti modules include RCBO protection for each workstation and have been fixed to the underside of the desk to bring the power distribution network to each user with a plug and play feature connecting to the on desk modules. Supplying the contract furniture provider for the project, CMD has also manufactured more than 2,400 of the company’s Contour workstation power modules for 3 Arena Central.

The compact on desk modules will provide two sockets and dual port Type A and C adaptive fast charging for each workstation, completing the connection from switchboard to workstation with a complete CMD Ltd solution.

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