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Can air sterilisation really kill COVID?

The test results are in for the KTII

The latest independent testing has found that the KTII Air Steriliser, available from Red Arrow, reduces airborne virus particles by 99.99% in under 30 minutes – and it could be the answer to limiting the spread of COVID in schools, universities and workplaces this winter.

Industry-leading independent biomedical researcher Airmid Healthgroup, based in Dublin, tested the KTII in laboratory conditions using a SARSCoV-2 surrogate, Bacteriophage MS2. They found that the KTII’s multi-barrier approach to air purification dramatically reduced the virus’s infectivity indoors – virtually eradicating the virus.

Schools and workplaces have been advised to ‘keep the windows open’ in order to reduce COVID transmissions indoors. However, it’s difficult to scientifically assess how effective this measure really is in reducing virus particles in the air – and once colder weather sets in, it will become harder for premises to maintain this open-window policy. These test results present the KTII as a viable solution to measurably lower the risk of COVID transmissions in classrooms and commercial spaces.

How the KTII works:
A safe and effective way to utilise UVC light for air sterilisation, the KTII Medical Grade Dual Technology Mobile Air Sterilisation System uses a multiple barrier approach to air purification. It combines the largest medical grade HEPA14 filter (18m2) with an Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Chamber (UVGI). First, it filters and captures viruses, bacteria and pathogens, before rupturing, disrupting and destroying their microbial DNA and RNA within the UVGI chamber to sterilise the air.

With a coverage of 150m2, it’s suitable for use in boardrooms, meeting rooms, social spaces, open plan and cellular offices (a smaller unit, the KTIII, is available for spaces with a 90m2 coverage). It’s also easy to install, quiet to run and unobtrusive, eliminating disruption to students and workers. To test the KTII’s efficacy, Airmid tested the virus’ plaque-forming units per cubic metre of air (log10 PFU/m3). This, in effect, shows how much of the active and transmissible virus is present after filtration.


The tests found that, in just 30 minutes, the virus’ PFU was reduced from 7.6 log10 PFU/m3 to below the limit of detection – a reduction of 99.99%. The smaller version of the unit, KTIII, achieved a reduction of over 4 log10 in less than 60 minutes – again, representing a reduction of over 99.99%. Red Arrow has partnered with So Pure Air, investing heavily in predictive Sterilized Air distribution software ‘SPA tm’ to ensure that clients can make informed decisions about the correct number of air filtration units and where to position them.


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