Big-hearted LEW Electrical to place defibrillators in all branches

Gainsborough-based electrical wholesaler LEW Electrical Distributors have pledged their commitment to helping the wider community with an investment into placing a defibrillator in every one of their branch locations across the country.

The commitment sees the first defibrillator placed within LEW’s founding Gainsborough branch with additional defibrillator units to be placed in every other LEW branch going forward each month.

For every LEW location with a defibrillator unit there will also be at least one member of staff at that location trained to operate the unit should they ever be called into action.

Phil Clayton, Systems Manager and a Health & Safety Officer at LEW commented on the ease of use of the modern AEDs (automated external defibrillators): “The modern units are surprisingly easy to use; the unit actually talks you through the whole process including how to deliver CPR and any changes to make if you’re delivering it incorrectly. The units we have are useable on both children and adults.”

Managing Director Andy Johnson who championed the idea, said: “We are very clear about our corporate and social responsibilities. Should we ever have to use the defibrillators, the delay from a person collapsing to delivery of the first shock is the single most important determinant of survival.

“If delivered promptly alongside CPR, survival rates as high as 70-74% have been reported, whereas just providing CPR has a survival rate of about 8%. We have a number of staff who have used defibrillators in first aid training. It seemed a natural step to include them at our branches and offer the facility to the wider community.”

Pictured above: Steve Lamb, LEW a Sales Account Manager at the Gainsborough branch of LEW Electrical, with the first defibrillator.