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BEG updates Lighting Control App

The BEG Lighting Control Appwhich turns a smartphone into a remote control for end users has undergone a complete refresh to offer an even more intuitive and personalised experience.

The new design provides a quick and easy orientation that makes programming for unidirectional and bidirectional products even more simpler. The new updated and renamed Beg One App replaces the previous BiRC App and is available to download from Apple and Android app stores.

The remote control app is the easiest way to program all remotecontrolled occupancy and motion detectors, twilight switches, luminaires and emergency lights by the German manufacturer.

To use the app, the BEG IR adapter (audio) or the BEG IR adapter (BLE) is required. The IR adaptor must be charged before use and when using the BEG IR adapter (audio), the volume must be set to the maximum.

In the user-friendly navigation, the user can search for either the desired remote control or the product to be programmed. When reading the bidirectional products, the appropriate interface appears automatically. Descriptions of the individual parameters and commands are provided to the end user to help explain the respective function.

All BEG unidirectional products can be programmed via the remote control interface. The desired values can be sent to the product individually or in a selection. The bidirectional products can be read out additionally and the values stored in the device are displayed in the app. These can then be sent individually, in a selection or completely.

BEG Lighting Controls director for UK & Ireland Paul Jones said: “The BEG BiRC has become BEG One and we’re extremely proud to introduce this latest lighting control technology.

“The completely revised design features new icons and colours, and the user interface has been improved even further. Thanks to the link to the BEG website, end users can now also access operating instructions, application descriptions, images and much more about the products via the app. It’s one app for all remote-controlled BEG products.”

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