Venture Lighting Europe has supplied a bespoke retrofit gear tray to help a Costco store in the Midlands reduce its energy consumption and improve lighting in its underground car park.


Working with contractors Solent Lighting, Venture Lighting Europe developed a 50W LED retrofit gear tray to replace 300 150W Metal Halide lamps in a Birmingham Costo’s underground car park, whilst using existing fittings to generate an estimated 70% energy saving.

The 300 fittings required high levels of light to promote a safe and customer-friendly environment. Fixture replacements would have been too costly, requiring extra drilling into the concrete structure. Venture’s retrofit solution kept costs, disruption, mess and installation time to a minimum.

Baber Zaman, Store Manager at Costco Birmingham, commented: “Solent chose Venture’s LED gear trays as the best solution for our requirements. With the new LEDs we are now getting improved light levels at a lower usage and we are very pleased with the new lighting so far.”

The 50W LED retrofit gear tray was created by Venture to meet the light and performance needed and was designed to fit the existing luminaire body. Comprising three of Venture’s high performance linear LED modules and a 50W fixed output driver, the new gear tray delivers excellent and reliable light, with an efficacy of up to 148 lumens per circuit watt. The new LEDs also offer a light life beyond 60,000 hours to eliminate any lamp failures and replacements.

The retrofit solution allowed the store to keep the existing fittings, all of which have proved effective since the original installation.

The store’s existing non-corrosive luminaire uses a prismatic polycarbonate refractor to allow for excellent control of light distribution. This cover is also designed to be extremely robust and vandal resistant.

The modules and driver used to create the gear tray are among many options developed by Venture for similar purposes. The company offers a range of LED lighting, including square and linear modules and various fixed output or dimmable drivers to create high efficiency and high performance luminaires for the commercial and industrial markets.