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Standing the test of time

Sangamo Round Pattern Time Switches (RPTS) are trusted by installers for a variety of applications. The simple dial and levers make setting the switch up for daily fixed timings a breeze. And all Sangamo RPTS are 20 Amp rated.

The switches are split into four categories each containing both three- and four-pin connections. Three-pin switches have common clock and switch connections, meaning the same 230V ac live supply used to run the clock is also used as the live input for the switching circuit. Four-pin switches have independent clock and switch connections which enable a different AC switching circuit voltage to be controlled from that of the 230V required to run the clock, for example to switch a 110V ac machine.

● S250 Range – the basic ‘black dial’ 24-hour time clock for simple on and off switching of up to 20A.
● Q550 Standard Range – the standard 24-hour ‘red dial’ switch with added 100 hour battery reserve.
● Q550 Solar Range – specially designed for lighting applications. The Astro/Suntracker switches automatically adjust themselves to follow sunrise and sunset times.
● E850 Digital Range – combines the high capacity and reliability of theelectro-mechanical models but provides 7-day programming.

Sangamo offers a customer support line to help installers find the right switch.

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