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Crabtree launches VM160 panel board

Increased capability all round. That’s the simplest way to describe the Powerstar VM160 panel board from Crabtree, a leading brand at Electrium.

This latest generation of Powerstar panel boards offers high standards of protection and control, plus market-leading, user-friendly features.

Competitive? Definitely. For example, this is one of only two panel boards on the market capable of offering a true Form 4b Type 6 group mounted solution. So, now specifiers and installers have a real choice.

The VM160 offers:

  • More outgoing ways (up to 18 in an off the shelf unit)
  • Higher current capacity (up to 800A)
  • Higher out-goer ratings (up to 160A with 250A add-on options also available)
  • Increased breaking capacities (up to 65kA for 1s)
  • Adjustable MCCBs
  • Four pole device options (incoming & outgoing devices)
  • Earth leakage protection (incoming & outgoing devices)
  • Metering throughout (incoming & outgoing including MID options)
  • Easy fit MCCB control & monitoring accessories.

Jimmy Higginbotham, Product Manager for Commercial Circuit Protection Products at Crabtree, comments: “For discerning contractors the VM160 represents an opportunity to reduce on-site time with labour saving features such as easy wire meters, fast fit coppers, as well as open cableways that provide greater access for cabling.”

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